Workshop – Creating the perfect pedestal

Massed large scale flower arrangements are always dynamic and dramatic, however there is more skill required to perfect these designs than at first may appear. Join me for this high Summer workshop where we will utilise the abundance of frothy flowers and foliage’s to create two styles of pedestal. We will also focus on the principles and elements of design, which you must learn and implement to ensure you have the most perfect pedestals crafted to perfection to grace any location with floral splendour.

Where: Ashover Parish Hall, Ashover, Derbyshire

When: 10.00am to 3.30pm

Price: £35.00 ( excludes all materials) Price: £95.00 ( includes all materials. Pedestal stands/containers will be loaned )

No prior experience is required as all the necessary skills and techniques will be demonstrated in full.

Two packages are available one including all the materials (  flowers and foliage’s stands/containers will be loaned for the day with separate option to purchase ) where you just need to turn up with your scissors and secateurs.
For the fee only package a worksheet with a recipe of materials will be emailed out approximately two weeks before the event commences.

Number of places